Private Maternity Nurse, Birth Doula & Author 

As a Maternity Nurse I have now worked with many families, with first babies, babies with older siblings and now after 14 years quite a lot of twins.I have worked  with babies with reflux and dairy intolerance. Premature babies, low birth weight, Jaundiced, Circumcision, Lip tie and Tongue tie.

Lots of problems that can make having a new baby a little more challenging. Many breast feeding problems. I believe with the right support most issues will be overcome. I have worked with mother’s with anxiety and depression. All families are different and have different needs and I will find a way to help with the new baby in a way that suits their needs. I thoroughly enjoy my job and
still feel very privileged to be with families at this special time.

When I am not working in person I love to consult remotely. New parents often have questions. I can answer the majority of baby related questions and if I cannot or it seems to be a medical issue I will point them in the right direction for the correct help.

I like to run Infant massage classes in my home town when I am home.
I also run a placenta encapsulation business for local postnatal ladies.
I am passionate about all things parent and baby.

Since becoming a Maternity Nurse I have written a book called “What would Fiona do” to help the parents who I am unable to help in person.
A revised edition was published in September 2018 with the title “A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby”. From birth to three

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