CACHE Newborn Care Specialist, Bachelor of Arts Edu.

As a passionate Newborn Care Specialist with 11yrs experience I have worked with many families all with their own unique, individual needs and challenges.


My experience is diverse, having worked with two parents families, solo parents, first babies, surrogate babies, families with older siblings. I have also cared for premature babies, babies with reflux, tongue tie and circumcised babies.


I am able to advise on breast to bottle transition, bottle refusal, introducing solids/weaning, toddler mealtimes, daytime structure and routines.


Post Natal Depression and anxiety is something mothers and fathers may experience. Guiding and supporting you with this is as important to me as helping and guiding with any concerns you have with your baby.


I look forward to speaking with you and supporting you however you need, to assist you in parenting the best way for your family.

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